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Ally McClelland

Ally McClelland is the founder of AM Stunts & Horses. Best known for his work as an action choreographer, performer and coordinator on period productions Ally started his career with the UK's top equestrian stunt teams and has went on to work on acclaimed Film & Television productions in the UK, Italy, Norway and Denmark. He is also a guest instructor for the European Stunt School, bringing over twenty years experience including work on some of the industry's biggest battle scenes to his teaching on horse stunts, sword fighting and historical weapons combat.

Ally works closely with an international network of trusted stunt professionals to help take your production from concept to screen, ensuring you get the action you want and the highest standards of safety. 

Fluent in both English and Italian his exacting standards, professionalism, energy and enthusiasm have established him as a respected performer and coordinator.

Credits include – Barbarians (Season 2, 2021), Riders of Justice (2020), Europa (2020), Norsemen (Season 3, 2020), The Rain (Season 3, 2020), Forhøret (2019), Outlaw King (2018), Nuraghes S’Arena (2016), Robin Hood (2010), The Other Boleyn Girl (2008), King Arthur (2004). 









Our experienced team of professional performers and coordinators have worked on many many productions, some big some small, some are Hollywood blockbusters, some are Indie films but no matter what the budget is our ethos remains the same - we are passionate about creating great action that is exciting, realistic and fulfills the onscreen vision for your script.

  • Stunt & Combat Action Performers
  • Stunt Coordinators
  • Fight Choreography -  armed & unarmed 
  • Battle Scene Choreography
  • Actor Training -  inc horse riding, sword fighting, body dynamics in a fight, redirection of energy in a fight 
  • Horse Stunts, Horses, Riders
  • Sword Fighting & Bladed Weapons Combat
  • Modern Day Military, Swat, Special Ops
  • Body Burns
  • Precision Driving
  • High Falls, Rigging, Wire Stunts
  • Water Work ( PADI Certified )
  • Risk Assessments

Live Shows & Events

Between them our creative team of hugely talented people and amazing horses have performed 1000’s of shows all over the world, captivating and thrilling audiences of all ages. 

We offer 2 concept shows -  Tournament & Chevalier

Tournament is a spectacular mix of horsemanship and stunt action featuring performers and horses from the world of Film & Television. 

Chevalier has a fairytale theme with the focus on our magnificent horses and circus performance including fire and aerial acts. 

Both shows can be tailor-made to suit any event - a full show performance of duration from 45 minutes to 60 minutes or a single performance required as a 5 to 10 minute filler. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements. We can give you a choice of acts which includes horsemanship, stunt action, horses at liberty, classical dressage, trick riding, fire & aerial performances, jousting, mounted skill-at arms, and knights challenge.




Client Testimonials

"A special thanks to Ally McClelland for coordinating the "violent dances" that we needed for the film to be as close to reality as possible, coordinating stunts not just physically but also mentally and emotionally, pushing hard and running fast, always finding solutions even when it seemed there were none" Haider Rashid - Director & Producer of award winning film Europa

"Ally is a great team leader, stuntman and stunt coordinator. He is very skilled and experienced, and he gives 300%. I'm really looking forward to work with him again" Stefano Mutolo - Film Producer, Berta Film ( award winning film Europa )

"I have little, to no experience with a sword, and in Norsemen season 3 we had two days to both prepare, rehearse, and shoot the battle scene. The pressure to deliver the best performance possible in that incredibly short amount of time was of course present. Working with Ally made it both safe and fun, but he also made me look pretty bad-ass in the end result. I felt really taken care of throughout the short intense period we had together. He was a good tutor. I hope that we get to work together again!" Mikkel Bratt Silset - Actor (( )

"Ally has been a guest teacher on European Stunt School where he with great professionalism and enthusiasm has been teaching horse work to the students. As a stuntwoman and part of the theaters staff on the school this is where I first met him and got very interested in the way he works. I have been very lucky to train sword fights for film with him as a teacher and I really like the way he thinks, moves and choreographs the swordfights. My knowledge and practice as a stagefighter got broadened, when I started to work with Ally and his team in both swordfight and horse work and I will of course continue that work"  Anne Rasmussen, professional stuntwoman ( )

“We were lucky to find Ally McClelland for our history series “The Secret Life Of...” We required very specific, arcane and unique illustrations for two of our historical characters ( Alexander the Great, and Caligula ), specifically their relationship with their horses. He understood quickly what we needed and then went to extraordinary lengths to accommodate us. He provided invaluable assistance to our crew – both as an on-the-ground facilitator and a consultant for our historical recreations. He was inventive and resourceful in meeting our needs – setting up a complicated shoot in an impossibly short period of time, and on a very limited budget. Not only was Ally professional and courteous he was energetic and tireless. I would highly recommend Ally to any production company – large or small – to help meet the challenges of any production schedule”   Michelle Metivier - Series Director “The Secret Life Of…” ( Proper Television - Toronto, Canada )

"In my work as director with the big outdoor production of “Robin Hood” for The Royal Danish Theatre in the summer 2013 I had a close collaboration with Ally McClelland who delivered a dedicated and focused work. Ally succeeded in lifting the horse choreography, horse stunts and fighting sequences at horse to a most satisfying and thrilling level, to the joy of thousands of spectators. Overall the production was a great success for the theatre, and McClelland contributed greatly to this outcome."
Lars Kaalund - Director ( Robin Hood Det Kongelige Teater, Rita, Den Anden Verden, Hjørdis, Nikolaj og Julie, Mappen )

“Ally was the stunt coordinator for the medieval fantasy feature film ‘Morning Star Warrior.’ His standards are exacting and he really knows what will ‘sell’ on camera. He certainly managed to improve my technique and was a great guy to work with.”
Adrian Bouchet - Actor (

“Ally McClelland was a real find. From the very outset he worked hard to get us what we needed for our documentary in Italy – Operation Tombola, the SAS Italian Job. Ally was able to pull an unending supply of rabbits from hats and all that whilst keeping to a challenging budget. Not only did he find fantastic actors and extras for our dramatic reconstructions, all of whom looked amazing, but he also found some remarkably scenic filming locations. To top it all, Italian bureaucracy was dealt with quickly and efficiently, translators were arranged and all the participants were thoroughly coached in weapons handling and military manoeuvres. Ally fully understood the pressures and challenges of the night shooting and worked constantly to ensure we got everything we needed. To put it simply, without the invaluable help of Ally McClelland and his team the documentary would have been impossible. I cannot recommend their services enough to anyone looking to film in Italy”
Martin J O Hughes - Director  ( The Secret War Series )

"I will here by recommend Ally McClelland who was the Horse Stunt Coordinator behind the horses part of The Royal Danish Theatre’s outdoor show Robin Hood 2013 in Ulvedalene in the forest Dyrehaven. This show appears every 3 years with a new title and it is one of Europe’s biggest events of this kind, with 200 participants and more than 30 horses and carriages. Ally arrived with 7 very special, very beautiful and skilled stunt horses. Besides all the horses choreography and stunts, Ally also had an acting part in the show. Robin Hood is the most successful production we have ever done in Dyrehaven, and the show was totally sold out and there was more than 100,000 audience to see the show. Especially the horse part this year was bigger and better than ever, and it has been very exciting and a big experience to work with Ally"
Jan Kristensen Bach ( Producer - The Royal Danish Theatre )

"Working with Ally is an amazing experience. He always knows what he is doing and gives 110% all the times. We have been lucky to have him on the set of Morning Star, he is super professional but first of all he is a nice and smart person to talk with. He gave us lots of inputs for the fighting and he is a master with the sword fighting choreographies and with the horse stunts"
Marco Ristori & Luca Boni ( Directors - Zombie Massacre, Morning Star Warrior )




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